Day 23 – An easy day and trip to EPCOT

Post party we all had a nice sleep in (well 8am is very much a sleep in) and relaxed morning.

It was a much cooler morning, which top expect temp of only 18C. From the forecast our nice warm days are behind us – which is a shame as I’d have liked to have more time by the pool. But as long as it’s not raining we won’t complain. We’ve had such great weather so far.

Shortly after 1pm we finally set out to catch, not one, but two monorails over the EPCOT. We walked over to the Contemporary Resort and caught the first monorail over to the ticket & transport center, then changed to the EPCOT monorail.

It’s a fun thing to do – even if you don’t want to go into EPCOT – and gives you a good view of the surrounding areas – there is so much nature still.

And I love how the monorail winds it’s way through part of EPCOT before you get to the station.

As you can see it was a beautiful day. It was nice entering from the front, as this is what we are most used to.

We had wanted to ride Guardians of the Galaxy again but I only remembered at 1.04pm that we were supposed to get a ticket at 1pm so of course we missed out and there were none available to buy. Oh well, at least we got to ride twice the other day.

Since Spaceship Earth had a 5min wait we decided to go on that first before getting some lunch. Kevin & I decided to do an “alternate us” for our future, though for some reason our photo wasn’t taken so I ended up as a cartoon and Kevin ended up with no face !!

From here we went over to the Connections Cafe. Kevin mobile ordered our lunch and then went, with Christy, to Starbucks to get some drinks. I had a dragon drink (surprise, surprise), Kevin had his usual iced chai latte and Christy had a hot chocolate (along with a croissant). I once again really enjoyed the vegan curry veg pizza. I got Kevin to try some today and he agreed it was really good.

We waited here while Christy went to ride Test Track. Though we all had a DAS pass Kevin and I weren’t too interested in riding again. We’ve discovered we’re not into the rides as much as we used to be – not the fast/coaster ones anyway – except for guardians :-). We then met her over at Soarin’. For the reason, even with the DAS pass, we ended up with a quite a long wait, then we got like the worst seats on the ride – bottom row right at the side. Still a good ride though.

We then for a third ride on Living with the Land – and spotted things we hadn’t seen before. On our next trip to WDW we’re going to do the Behind the Seeds tour.

Without being able to do Guardians we had done everything in the park we wanted to (that didn’t require a long walk into World Showcase) so we headed towards the entrance, though Christy did go to ride Finding Nemo, while we waited outside and people watched.

We then exited the park and caught the two monorails back to our resort, though this time on the resort monorail we went past the Polynesion and the Grand Floridian (both of which we are going to visit tomorrow).

We got a nice view of our resort and were treated to a very nice sunset.

We did receive some sad news as we walked back to the room. We’d had a vet from Rest Your Paws out to check up on Bailey and give him some more pain meds (as our vet refused to do so without seeing Bailey). Sadly they felt it was almost time for him to be put to sleep. It’s not unexpected (he’s now 14.5 years old) and I even said a special goodbye to him before we left (in case I didn’t see him again). We called with Mum (who was pretty upset) to talk with her. The vet will go back out on Monday and see how Bailey is fairing. So it ended up being a bit of an odd night. Kevin cooked us some pasta for dinner and we watched YouTube (before I started falling asleep before 8.30pm. Christy went to back to EPCOT and was able to ride Guardians twice so she was really happy.

Bailey two day ago