Cookies and beans

Boy was it chilly out this morning – so I was glad today was an indoor workout day. After my workout I made a green smoothie for myself, scrambled eggs & toast for Amy, and toast & fruit for Christy.


Amy wasn’t well today so stayed home from school. I did a bit of tidying, got Christy off to school, had a shower and sat and relaxed for a bit.

Part two of breakfast was some cruskits with spreadable cheese.


Then on with the house cleaning. After doing downstairs I stopped for a cup of tea and handful of tiny teddies!!!


I then cleaned upstairs. Lunch today with stirfried veggies and tofu with red quinoa. I’m not sure if I ate too much or it just didn’t agree with me today but I felt so sick afterwards (and I didn’t eat the whole bowl). It was very strange.


A few hours later I was feeling better and enjoyed a small orange choc bar with yet another tea.


Once I was feeling better I made some more oatmeal cookies and got started on tonights dinner – Black Bean Burgers. Both were made in Mum’s food processor – so much easier than the Vita Mix. I did have a blender but gave it away a few months ago as I NEVER used it!!!! Now I need to buy one – oops – but I least I can buy a better model :-).

Mum & Dad got home from a 3 week trip today and bought us these goodies.


I especially look forward to trying the tea.


Afternoon tea with a bowl of leek and potato soup.


And one of the cookies – which was just as delicious as I remembered. You’d never know these have chick peas in them :-).


Tonights dinner was black bean burgers – which unfortunately got left in the oven too long and therefore were a bit dry, mashed potatoes and corn.


The burgers were tasty though so I will definitely try them again.


After dinner we of course had to sample some of the goodies Mum bought back from us. I had two of each. So yummy!


Home made dressing delight

Had a lovely morning walk with the dogs followed by the upper body part of my workout. Then came a green smoothie – using freshly ground flaxseeds cortesy of my new grinder.


After dropping the girls at school I had a cup of tea and a slice of grainy bread with hummus.


Spent the morning doing random jobs around the house. Lunch was a salad with egg…and homemade dressing. I finally got around to making a honey mustard dressing with equal parts (1 tbsp) dijon mustard, honey, olive oil and lemon juice from Kath Eats Real Food.I fully expected not to like it – after all I do like a creamy dressing – but this was REALLY good.


Afternoon tea – a cup of tea and a chocolate muffin (homemade this morning and on the healthy side).


This afternoons snack was pita bread with cheese, hummus, carrot and sprouts. Yum!!


Served with tea, of course.


Tonights dinner was a lentil bake. I’ve made it before and I love it. But unfortunately I’m the only one who does…


You can find the recipe at Attic 24. If you like lentils you’ll love it. I even forgot the peanuts and it still tasted great. Real comfort food.


And lastly…


Crazy Tuesday

Ooops, I stayed up too late last night reading and while I woke up at 5am, I went back to sleep and didn’t wake again until nearly 7am!!! Too late for the walk I had planned, esp. when I had to be out the door at 8.15am. After getting ready I sat to eat breakfast with the girls. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to made a bowl of muselli. But I wasn’t really in the mood and only ate a few spoonfulls.


When I got back from uniform shop just after 9am I made a green smoothie. Yummy as always.


After watching some of the launch of I want my bikini body, I headed out to get the groceries. I made a short grocery haul video if you want to see what I got.

It was then time for some lunch – which was pita bread with hummus, a lentil patty and some sprouts. Yummy and so full of goodness.


I packed a banana (and sandwiches for the girls) to take in the car to eat on the way to this afternoons appointment.


Then because it was a crazy afternoon I bought a choc bar which I had on the way home.


Back home eventually I made myself a cup of tea which I had with some healthy handfuls. Feeling a bit stressed with the way the afternoon had turned out.  Of course then I didn’t get hungry until 7pm and since it was just Christy and me for dinner I made some cheese on toast.


Probably not one of my best food days – but not too bad considering how crazy it ended up.

Plans gone astray

It was  a beautiful Sunday here – definitely more Summer than Autumn. I started the day with what else but a cup of tea and a piece of banana cake :-). Everyone played on their computer until Amy decided she would make us breakfast. How lucky am I? It’s not even Mothers Day till next Sunday.


She made us scrambled eggs, tinned spaghetti and toast. Served on our special plates :-).


We had planned to go on a bike ride and have lunch out but at about 11am I started feeling icky in the stomach and a bit light-headed. I had some cruskits with cottage cheese to see if that helped.


It didn’t – so I tried some chocolate – thinking maybe some sugar might do the trick. It didn’t work either so we decided to stay in for the day.


I didn’t really feel like eating but made myself have a salad (featuring falafel and homemade hummus) around 2pm.


I did start to feel better which was good. I was able to enjoy some afternoon tea.


We put on Avatar to watch and the girls decided they wanted popcorn. I wasn’t go to have any (since I’d already had the above) but it smelled good so I had a little bowl.



Drizzled with a bit of melted butter…


We ended up having a late dinner. It was new recipe tonight – tofu & noodle stir-fry – which was a bit too fiddly for a Sunday night. Amy didn’t like it. I thought it was okay. Kevin really enjoyed it.


Made a cup of tea to have in bed with an orange chocolate bar.